Health & Science

We understand the sensitivities and issues around the promotion of health care services, health policy and science research.

The delivery of health care in the UK is ever changing, and we work with our clients to ensure that their services reflect the change agenda and are understood by patients and end users.

Key to this is partnership working – embracing patients, staff (clinical and non-clinical), NHS trusts, NHS policy makers. Key also is a sound communications strategy and its delivery – tailor made to the individual requirements of our clients.

We appreciate the fine balance that must be achieved between exciting the public, clinicians and academics about the outcome of science research and managing the scope and expectation of that research.

We have developed excellent relationships with science and health journalists across the UK and further afield, and we know who we can trust with a story and who we cannot.

Where a story needs particularly careful management, we work closely with the Science Media Centre which assists with press briefings and press conferences.

Our working relationship with the Science Media Centre also means that the academics we work with are part of its database of scientists available for comment on science stories. Here’s what Fiona Fox, Chief Executive at the Science Media Centre, says of Andrew Gould:

Andrew Gould is an excellent science press officer.  While knowing what makes great science stories and doing all in his power to help his researchers to get the media coverage their work deserves, Andrew is also extremely responsible and always careful not to over-hype scientific research just to get headlines.  Andrew is an experienced press officer who has earned the trust and  respect of scientists and journalists alike.  He knows what the media needs and is adept at adapting the stories of scientific research to the needs of the hungry 24 hour news beast that is the media today.  He is also a pleasure to work with. There are many tensions in the relationship between science and the media but Andrew negotiates these with skill and good humour and he has long been one the SMC’s favourite press officers.  I would recommend Andrew to anyone looking to employ a freelance press officer.”

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